A CEO Advisor for Overloaded CEOs

Are you succeeding in your business, but exhausted by the number of hours you have to put in to make it happen? As a CEO Advisor, Arman’s mission is to decrease your workload by analyzing your business systems and implementing strategies that make these systems efficient without your constant involvement.




Successful CEOs Like You Deserve More Free Time

Your business got where it is today because you sacrificed countless hours of your time to make sure your team is always on their game. Succeeding in business is your passion, but you feel yourself burning out. You want more time for yourself without sacrificing results. Arman Sadeghi is the CEO Advisor who can get you that valuable free time you so desperately crave.

CEO Advisory Services Customized to Your Business Needs

Getting you more time to enjoy your business success comes down to identifying and addressing those nagging issues that keep you involved in too many processes.

Arman’s primary focus is understanding your unique needs as a CEO. The real work begins once he knows all of the problems keeping you from taking time off to enjoy your hard work. All of his time goes into creating and implementing custom solutions based on your most pressing needs.

Hiring a CEO Consultant Comes Down to Results

Arman separates himself from other CEO consultants by focusing on results instead of squeezing every possible billable hour out of his clients. He has 25-plus years of experience as the CEO and Founder of a dozen companies – all of which are in different industries.

This has allowed Arman to create and share business strategies with his clients that are applicable to any industry.

Arman’s CEO consulting services include the following:

  • 6 hours a month of one-on-one coaching – Each session is an hour long, and they are completely customized to your needs. Arman does not hold back any information to try and upsell you on more hours. All he cares about is giving you as much value as possible.
  • 3 hours a month of organizational review, planning, and implementationArman works with you during this time to go beyond just giving advice. He studies your organizational strengths and weaknesses and then uses this information to create and implement a plan that doubles down on your strengths and mitigates your weaknesses. There is no section of your business that is off-limits.
  • Daily involvement in identifying and monitoring KPIs – Arman implements his daily company KPI snapshot and review, which gets sent to you on a daily basis. He builds a KPI monitoring system that lets you keep your business operating smoothly without having to be physically present in the office every day.
  • Unlimited Calls, Texts, or Emails – What separates Arman from other CEO advisors is he does not limit your access to him. All he cares about is getting you results – no matter how many calls, texts, or emails it takes.

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Arman to learn more about how his CEO advisory services will put you back in control of your time while getting even better results out of your business.

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The Business Bible became and instant success shortly after it’s release, primarily because it is so incredibly easy to read and the tools are designed to be implemented directly into a business by a busy entrepreneur. Unlike many books that contain mostly fluff, this book is written for someone who wants to take a laser-like approach to revolutionizing their business in every way.



With a growing audience from all around the world, The Titanium Life Podcast has quickly become one of the most popular business podcasts on iTunes and other sources for internet radio. In this podcast, Arman consistently shares real-life information in a way that is quick and easy to digest. Arman is committed to helping entrepreneurs reach their maximum potential in every way.

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Seminar organizers from all around the world have asked Arman Sadeghi to be their keynote speaker because his keynote addresses not only lift the crowd by the set tone for an event with energy, power, and focus! Event organizers commonly comment on the fact that Arman is so genuine and so real that people just connect with him and instantly feel like they know him. This helps him connect with the crowd and he is consistently able to influence them in multiple ways. Arman Sadeghi is much more than one of the best motivational speakers, he is an influential and inspirational leader who gets results!


Titanium Live is a revolutionary 3-day live event which will help you take your life to the next level.