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Peak Performance Seminars

Titanium Success offers live events including business seminars, health & fitness seminars, leadership seminars, time management seminars, motivational seminars and entrepreneurial seminars which are all designed to bring balance and focus to your life and career.

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Business Coaching

Entrepreneurial, small business, corporate and executive training seminars designed to get results through well-researched and proven methods that get results


Time Management

A Revolutionary time management system that ignores the old to-do lists and focuses on a proven method that will make you more efficient than ever!


Life Coaching

Titanium teaches a proven method of mastering 10 different areas of life, including Health, Wealth, Finances, Relationships and growth so you can live an extraordinary life



Being a true leader means growing everyday of your life and focusing on what you can give as opposed to what you can get people to do. Learn to be an incredible leader.

Live Peak Performance Events
Nothing is more exciting than taking a step toward a new and different life, than doing so in an exciting atmosphere that makes success inevitable. Titanium offers a variety of live seminars designed to make acquiring the tools for building the life you want interesting and engaging.

Whether you are interested in gaining a better perspective about the Titanium Success Formula as a whole, or wish to spend a number of days engaged in informative (and transformative) lifestyle training, we can help you find (or design) a live event to suits your needs. From single-day sessions with a narrow focus, to intensive, ten-day seminars designed to address a number of life’s greatest concerns, Titanium has a solution to suit who you are…and who you want to become.

One Day Seminars

When it comes to Titanium Success Formula, even a single day can be transformative. That’s why our live events are designed to help you see instant results. By immersing you in an environment where positive energy reigns, you can experience the breakthrough you’ve been looking for quickly and take the next steps toward a more successful and satisfying life. Whether you prefer an introduction to the Titanium way, or wish like to focus on a specific area such as business or leadership, our one-day sessions kick participants’ passion and enthusiasm for change into overdrive.

Three-Day Live Events

Three-day seminars are our most popular live events. One of the best things about booking a three-day event is that it carries the option to extend your Titanium experience for up to three additional days.  With days devoted to time management, becoming better in business, and developing leadership skills that matter most, you and others can enjoy 3-6 days mastering mind-blowing techniques that make a difference.

Customized Seminars (up to Ten Days)

We are also pleased to offer intensive, customized seminars which can be schedule to last for a period of up to ten days. These events offer an excellent way to learn and master Titanium’s powerful concepts in an intensive and energetic environment. When you are surrounded by others who are also excited by the prospect of change, you can’t help but to emerge from your experience refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Video Conferences

As technology brings people closer together than ever before, its contribution to the spread of knowledge and education continue to develop. Titanium has taken advantage of this fact by making our innovative programs available via video conferencing. This unique option allows you to experience all of Titanium’s many benefits from the convenience of you own home. You will even have the opportunity to participate in group sessions and have your important questions answered just as you would during the course of a live seminar.

One-on-One Coaching

Each month, Arman Sadeghi accepts a small number of individuals to participate in one-on-one coaching sessions. Whether you are battling a major phobia, trying to overcome the effects of a traumatic event, suffering from depression and anxiety, or have been diagnosed with OCD or bipolar disorder, Mr. Sadeghi can help you develop the skills and resilience you need to stop taking all those medications and help you get your life on track.  Incredibly, some people even see results in as little as a single session.

More Choices…More Meaningful Change

Seminar participants have the option to meet in small support groups (based on the courses they take part in) on a weekly basis. Access to this invaluable resource allows individuals to ask relevant questions, share pertinent experiences, and as be a positive force in their own growth and development. Participation in these groups also entitles individuals the opportunity to convey their questions and concerns to Arman Sadeghi via email any time.

Money Back Guarantee

We’re so sure that Titanium will help you achieve the results you’re searching for that if you aren’t completely satisfied with your program, you don’t pay.