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Why Does My Business Need Social Media Services?

No matter which age range your customer falls into, they are on at least one social media platform. Just do a quick search of your competitors and you will see they all have a social media presence.

Not only do we establish a strong social media presence for your brand – we have the expertise it takes to turn followers into customers.

What Social Media Services Do You Offer?

The short answer is we do anything and everything necessary to build a dominant social media presence in your niche. We meet your target audience where they are. Some of our services include:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Social Listening
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing

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Brand Strategy

Just having a social media presence isn’t enough. Everything you post needs to be part of a larger brand strategy.

We analyze your industry and target demographic to build you a social media strategy that only focuses your resources on what matters to your customers.


Content Creation

A good social media strategy revolves around great content. Understanding what to post and where to post it can be overwhelming for a busy business owner.

Our social media experts take the driver’s seat and create content that perfectly captures your brand’s voice.


Social Listening

Imagine if you could listen in on conversations between two of your customers and hear exactly what they are looking for when shopping around in your industry?

That’s possible with social media. Our team use social listening tools to craft compelling content that truly speaks to the needs of your customers.


Facebook Marketing

Facebook is by far the widest-used social media platform. It is particularly important if your brand targets a customer over 40.

We create organic Facebook content that engages your audience, while also using Facebook’s robust ad targeting system to make sure your ads reach the right people.


Instagram Marketing

If you target millennial customers, then Instagram is where you want to be. This visual platform is a great place to show off your brand with images and videos that capture your brand’s aesthetic.

Our Instagram experts understand how to create and maintain a brand aesthetic that resonates with your target customer. They also know how to use Instagram ads to get your content in front of the right people.


YouTube Marketing

YouTube is owned by Google and is a powerful search engine in its own right. Coupled with the rise of video as an important marketing tool, YouTube marketing can generate a great ROI for your business.

We use your brand strategy to come up with video concepts that help educate your customer while capitalizing on video’s more personal approach.


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