The SEO Marketing Strategy for Ranking in 2020 and Beyond

Google’s algorithm has completely changed. Many SEO marketing strategies that got you to the first page in the past no longer work. Why?

Because Google’s algorithm is now an artificial intelligence engine. It is better at giving users exactly what they want than ever before.

How Google’s Algorithm Works

Understanding the essence of Google’s algorithm is simple. Google’s goal for every search is to provide the content that is the best possible answer to that search. If you want to rank at the top spot for a keyword, you have to truly provide the best content. 

Let’s analyze “SEO marketing” and see if it is possible to provide the best content for this keyword.

Notice how the featured snippet answers the question “what is search engine optimization?’. This is a signal to the searcher intent of a keyword, which tells you what Google thinks about the user performing the search. A quick scan of the top 10 will show that almost all of them have “What is SEO?” right in the title. A few also stress they are “beginner’s guides”.

That means if you want to rank in the top spot for SEO marketing, you need to write a beginner’s guide to SEO better than the guide in the top result. Now, notice Moz is in the first spot. It is virtually impossible to get the top spot. If you were creating a content strategy as an SEO marketing company, you wouldn’t even bother writing that content.

So you know that Google prioritizes the content that best matches the searcher’s intent of a given keyword, but how do you know the factors they determine what pieces of content are the “best”? Simple!

Google is an Open-Book Exam – Use it for Your SEO Marketing Strategy!

You can easily create content that is the best result for your chosen keyword by studying the top 10 results for that keyword. You don’t even have to be an expert! Google is literally telling you what information it wants to see in your content.

It’s how the best SEO writers get content to outrank specialists in their client’s field.

First, study the top 10 results to determine searcher intent. Say you typed in “Kim Kardashian”. You would see a lot of recent news articles. Google prioritizes recency for this keyword.

Now, say you type in “motivational speech”. You will see a lot of videos and sites that have videos embedded. Google clearly prioritizes video content for this keyword. Notice how each keyword has a unique searcher intent.

How to Write Content That Ranks Well on Google

Now it’s time to create the framework of your article, which is an outline of your subheadings. The first step is to analyze the top 3 results of your primary keyword. Look for headings, keywords, and statistics they have in common.

These are the things that form the core of your article.

The next step is to look at the top 3 results and analyze their differences. Take which ones you think are really good touches and include them in your article.

Now you want to analyze results 4-10. Google likes something about each of these. Again, pay attention to common themes you notice and make sure to include them in your framework.

Then, look for the aspect of each one that Google really likes. Say one has a really cool infographic, and another has a great video explaining the answer to your keyword. You should create both an infographic AND a video for your article if you have the budget.

One final note – this content creation technique does not endorse plagiarism. You are taking the concepts from the top results – not copying them word for word.

There is more depth to this SEO marketing strategy, but we want you to master the basics first. Here is an exercise to try in the meantime:

  1. Choose a primary keyword
  2. Analyze the top 10 results to determine searcher intent
  3. Create an article framework based on your findings

If you have any questions about this strategy or SEO in general, leave a comment below.

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