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Sienna Petree

Studio Manager,

Sienna Petree Image
Before Titanium Live I felt that my life needed change, I just didn’t have the motivation or plan on how that change would happen. Arman and the rest of the Titanium crew helped me find my true desire and strength for excellence in all areas of my life.”

Being a part of the Titanium Live Seminar was by far one of the greatest decisions I have made for my personal growth, relationships, finances, and fitness. I had no idea what to expect from this event, and so I went in with an open mind and heart, gave 100% of my effort, and the benefits were out of this world. Since Titanium Live in February, I have started to save up and invest my money, perform at a higher level at work, I have lost 5% body fat, and my relationship with my boyfriend has never been better.

What I love most about this event is that Arman does not force change, but instead puts people in an environment where they get fed up with their bad habits, want to make the change themselves, and are then surrounded by hundreds of supportive Titanium friends. Arman has given me so many valuable tools for success! I feel the genuine care he has for everyone to be outstanding and excited about their life. I am hooked for life and am now taking part in the next leadership training seminar, and of course the next Titanium Live event. I cannot wait!!

– Sienna Petree, Studio Manager,


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