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Why is LinkedIn Important for my Business?

Out of LinkedIn’s 500 million members, 60 million are in senior-level positions with influence and another 40 million are in decision-making positions.

It is the best social media platform to get your content in front of decision makers if you own a business that sells to other businesses.

What LinkedIn Marketing Services do You Offer?

Our LinkedIn marketing services are similar to our social media services, but with a few key differences.

Our LinkedIn services include:

  • B2B marketing
  • Thought Leadership
  • Employer Branding
  • Audience Analysis

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B2B Marketing

B2B marketing is the main reason to have a LinkedIn presence. The average person uses LinkedIn for their job search, while businesses use it to find third-party vendors.

We create compelling content that educates decision makers on the value of your services.


Medical Spa Marketing in-article 2Thought Leadership

When selling a B2B product or service, your expertise is your best marketing tool. Thought leadership content is how you sell that expertise to decision makers.

We work with you closely to turn your expertise into share-worthy content that helps you dominate LinkedIn’s algorithm.


Employer Branding

LinkedIn isn’t just for B2B marketing. It is also a great tool for establishing your business as a great place to work.

Our thought leadership content also serves the dual purpose of building your employer brand and attracting your industry’s top talent.


Audience Analysis

Just as with any social media platform, understanding the wants and needs of your audience is crucial to success with LinkedIn marketing.

We obsessively track key metrics and use social listening strategies to make sure we create the exact content your audience needs to make a purchasing decision.

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