Arman Sadeghi and Titanium Success 

Arman Sadeghi - Titanium Success
Arman Sadeghi of Titanium Success
With a successful career, happy family life, intimate relationship and a strong sense of spirituality, Orange County Business Executive Arman Sadeghi does not pretend to have everything. Instead, he has harnessed his passion to inspire others to achieve their life goals.

He started his career in corporate America–as Founder and CEO of All Green Electronics Recycling in Tustin. He is now known as one of the top keynote speakers for corporate markets that want their executives to holistically live with maximum efficiency and achieve more results.

With a mission to share his healthy mind and body ethos, last year Arman launched Titanium Success, a lifestyle management agency. He embarked on a career teaching, inspiring, and sharing his life changing tools through seminars, one on one coaching and small groups.

With his engaging, and intellectual personality, Arman connects with his audiences intimately and delivers content that can be incorporated into their lifestyle immediately.

Early on Arman was led by a path of personal development, first as an undergrad attending University of California at Berkeley and then a few years later at Harvard Medical School, where he studied neuroscience. At both universities, he honed his skills to motivate and inspire critical audiences.

Arman’s love of technology and the environment led him to launch the start-up All Green Electronics Recycling in Tustin, California, where he serves as CEO and oversees management of more than 125 employees.

During this time, Arman received training and coaching in business skills. But in the back of his mind he always wanted to pursue a career in which he could help others reach their goals. Being a presenter at a TEDX Conference in 2012 gave him a taste of life as a public speaker and desire to take his personal and professional life one step further.

For Arman, Titanium is more than a motivational practice, it’s a resilient lifestyle. Titanium’s pragmatic approach uses the basic elements of Neuro-Linguistic Programming—sight, sound and emotions—and teaches students how to use these skills to make positive life choices. Arman works on an ongoing basis with men and women who are successful in their careers but feel that they are lacking fulfillment in their lives, or feel content but have phobias that prevent them from moving their lives to the next level.  “Gratitude and prayer are an important part of Titanium’s principles,” he said.

“My objective to help clients take their lives to a new level by addressing certain aspects of their life, including physical health, family, intimate relationships, spiritual health and finances” he added.

Arman has officially received Titanium’s road warrior status by touring the Southland and sharing his Titanium philosophy with hundreds of Southern California executives for more than a year.

In addition to being a popular life coach and speaker, Arman is a loving husband and father of two young daughters. When not delivering positive motivational programs for audiences around the Southland, Arman is spending time with his family and managing day-to-day operations at All Green Electronics Recycling.